Pandemonium: Creative process, experimentation and chance
Pandemonium is Leopoldo Leal's doctoral dissertation presented in 2019, which focused on understanding the graphic design creative process in which chance and experimentation are inserted. Therefore, Pandemonium was organized as a notebook of experiments and experiences that can be read in full or leafed through freely. It is a research that takes the personal references and the reports of the theoretical and practical learning of a student, designer and professor into account. It was based on the eight stages of the creative process described by Robert Keith Sawyer, who has studied creativity for more than twenty years. These stages form the structure of the dissertation and aim to provide clarity and understanding of the whole creative process, which does not occur in a linear way; therefore, the eight stages do not necessarily happen in the order presented in this work. Creative process is formed along with project development as there are always deviations, mistakes, improvisations and surprises which promote its shape.

Text and Design Leopoldo Leal
Ph. D. Adviser Prof. Dr. Vicente Gil Filho
Photos Cristiane Inoue
2020Type Directors Club NYC (TDC66)
2019 Museu da Casa Brasileira (1º place)
2019 Bienal de Design Gráfico (ADG)